Future-proofing your career – Services Trades Qld

Why train for your future?

  • training can take you into other positions within the industry – positions with better prospects and/or better pay
  • acquire new skills
  • increase your contribution to your company thus maintaining employment
  • build competence and self-esteem
  • upskill to do new and different tasks, to keep motivated and fresh and to better prepare for changes within the industry.

Services Trades Queensland (STQ) together with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and The Service Trades College (TSTCA) is undertaking a project to work with those who are interested in developing personalised career training plans.

It is the aim of these plans to consider your future goals within the industry, for example, it may be that you wish to become a supervisor, project manager, business owner, etc.

If you wish to progress your career, your plan will consider desirable timeframes as well as the specific training qualifications required in order to meet outlined objectives. The plan will also consider industry needs and any identified skill gaps.

As with any ‘futures’ planning it is necessary to have a number of longer-term considerations. During the creation of your plan, opportunities will be offered to enable awareness and clarification of, such considerations.

To get started you should download, complete and return the ‘Career Survey’. This information will allow for an initial ‘Draft’ to be discussed and used to create a plan that more accurately represents your current circumstances and future expectations.

You will be contacted within a short time following the return of the survey to discuss your ‘Career Training Plan’.

Download the survey

ServiceTradesCollegeFuture-proofing your career – Services Trades Qld