Terms and Conditions


All course fees are payable in advance upon enrolment and must be cleared funds in the bank before training services are provided. If course cost is above $1,500 you will only be required to pay $1,500 deposit at enrolment and a payment schedule will be developed for the remaining course fees.

Payment can be received in the form of electronic funds transfer, Visa/MasterCard or cheque made payable to The Service Trades College Australia.

The Service Trades College Australia employs financial management strategies to protect fees paid in advance.


The Service Trades College Australia is committed to offering the best possible training and assessment products and services to its students and corporate clients.

The Service Trades College Australia reserves the right to cancel a course if an insufficient number of students enrol in it. For the same reason The Service Trades College Australia may change or postpone course dates when circumstances beyond its control require it to do so. The student or employer will be provided an alternative date. The College reserves the right to provide an alternative date within a reasonable time frame, which will be no longer than 6 weeks from the date of cancellation. Where alternative training dates do not suit the student or employer, within 7 days of being notified of the new date, a full refund of fees will be made within 30 days of receipt of application for refund.

A student or employer is able to cancel a course within 7 days of the enrolment confirmation date (Cooling off period). Upon confirmation of cancellation within the cooling of period, the student or employer is eligible to receive a reimbursement of the full course fee. After the cooling off period has lapsed, the student or employer waives his/her/their right to request a refund.

Further, the College recognises that there may be circumstances whereby students or corporate clients may have to cancel their course/unit of competency/module and where appropriate seek a refund of fees and charges. Clients who wish to cancel a course/unit of competency/module will need to apply for a refund of fees in writing to The Service Trades College Australia by completing a Refund Request Form, stating the reason for the request for refund and where applicable, including evidence to substantiate the claim submitted to College’s General Manager for processing.

The first initial response from the College for these types of requests will be a review of the student’s circumstance with a view to approving an extension of time to finish the course.

The College reserves the right to consider and approve each refund application on a case by case basis in light of each students or employers differing circumstances.

The Service Trades College Australia will refund:

  • A full course refund, less $200 administration fee, will be paid if confirmation of cancellation is received 5 days prior to course commencement date. (not applicable for online or via correspondence courses).
  • No refund will be paid if confirmation of cancellation is received 1 day prior to course commencement.

Right to Information and Privacy

The Service Trades College Australia recognises that privacy and security of personal information is important to our students. To ensure the highest standards are maintained, we have implemented the Information Privacy Act 2009.

The Act also allows you to access and alter your personal information to ensure its accuracy.

The Service Trades College Australia will be collecting your personal information (e.g. enrolment form) to use and disclose for the following purposes:

  • To process and manage your enrolment, attendance and progress of your training
  • To report completion and assessment items to relevant external agencies and parties
  • To undertake administrative tasks essential to the functioning of The College, and
  • To manage future enrolments at The Service Trades College Australia.

As a matter of routine, your personal information (including attendance details, progress, and results) will be disclosed to following people, agencies and organisations:

  • If you are a school-based apprentice or trainee – your school, the Queensland Studies Authority and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (for your results only).
  • If you are enrolled in training paid for by your employer, or in which you consent to release information to your employer – your employer.
  • If you are an apprentice or trainee – your employer / host employer.
  • Government departments and agencies and authorized VET related bodies.
  • If you are under the age of 18 – your parent / guardian (unless you have advised that you are estranged from them, you are classified as dependent).

Complaints and Appeals Policy: POL-004

All stakeholders (students, employers and industry) have the right to quality vocational education and training. Therefore, it is the policy of The Service Trades College Australia to accept any and all complaints about products or services or appeals against student assessment results. All complaints and appeals will be thoroughly investigated and all parties supported through the process to ensure that the needs of each party are met and satisfied.

The Service Trades College Australia will accept written complaints by all persons involved with The Service Trades College Australia in any way. Complaints in relation to regulated issues must be submitted in writing to a Senior Manager.

All complaints and appeals will be taken seriously and dealt with in timely manner taking full consideration of the conditions, circumstances, privacy and confidentiality of complainants and appellants. The Service Trades College Australia will ensure that the rights of complainants, appellants and The Service Trades College Australia staff.

During the course of acting on complaints and appeals, the rights of both parties will be respected and the following principles and strategies observed:

  1. Fairness, respect, impartiality and access and equity considerations will be applied to all complaints and appeals
  2. Natural justice principles will be applied in all cases taking accord of cultural sensitivities and values
  3. All and every attempt to reach mutually agreeable outcomes of complaints will be made in direct consultation with complainants and appellants without recourse to the complainant, appellant or The Service Trades College Australia staff
  4. Complaint and appeal hearings and meetings will be free from discrimination or harassment and the rights of all parties will be observed at all times including following the conclusion of these processes
  5. Clients will be referred to relevant authorities to instigate other action where internal processes have failed to reach a mutually agreeable solution
  6. The Service Trades College Australia will support the inclusion of an impartial third party of the selection of the complainant or appellant to assist and support their case
  7. Privacy and confidentiality legislation and regulation will be observed by all parties involved in complaints and appeals processes. Failure by staff to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of complaint and appeal processes will result in instant dismissal
  8. At all stages of the process, decisions and actions arising from and taken as part of the process will be provided in writing and recorded in accordance with the Service Trades College Australia management systems.
  9. Where TSTCA considers more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, the TSTCA will:
    • Inform the complainant or appellant in writing, explaining why more than 60 days is required, and
    • Regularly update the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter.


Code of Conduct

The Service Trades College reserves the right to cease or cancel any enrolment and/or studies in a situation where student is deemed in breach of any of the following acts:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Act. 1995
  • Anti-discrimination Act. 1991
  • Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act. 2000
  • The Privacy Act. 1988
Student Records

All student records are maintained with full confidentiality, and will be shared with authorised individuals as per student’s advice (Student to sign Student Authority to Release Information Form).


Feedback is required in writing and addressed to the Education Training Coordinator, via email info@tstca.com.au. TSTCA will respond within 14 business working days respectively.







Please contact The Service Trades College on
(07) 3255 5698 if you have any questions about any of the information on this page.

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