We are committed to providing flexible training services that add value to industry
and the community and optimise personal potential and commercial success.

A Premium Apprenticeship and Post Trade Training Provider

STC offers industry-led apprenticeship and post-apprenticeship training in commercial plumbing, mechanical services (air-conditioning) and fire protection.

STC operates out of state-of-the-art PICAC training centres in Beenleigh Queensland and Glenwood, New South Wales.

STC is a leader in the design and delivery of contemporary training that meets the specific needs of the building and construction industry.

All training is designed and delivered in partnership with industry and each year the College continues to raise the bar on skills development.

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC)

PICAC Training Centre’s offer simulated work environments
that provide dynamic and practical learning in a safe setting.

  • Modern classrooms with computer integrated audio visual equipment
  • Fully equipped workshops with quality tools and vacuum extraction equipped MIG, TIG and arc welding bays.
  • An operational multiple fire pump room, drawing water from an industry standard, bolted panel water tank and discharging to ‘real’ fire systems and equipment.
  • A range of sprinkler, deluge and pre-action valves, supplying ‘live’ demonstration modules where sprinkler discharge can be tested, with all water collected and recycled to the tank using industry best practice.
  • A special hazards training simulator where gaseous agents can be installed, tested and discharged in response to fully configured fire detection and control systems.
  • Networked, addressable fire alarm panels with colour graphics interface, monitoring and controlling the pumps, valves, detection and suppression equipment.
  • A multi-storey building (Beenleigh only) which allows the service trades to work together during installation, contributing to a culture of collaboration across trades.

ServiceTradesCollegeA Premium Apprenticeship and Post Trade Training Provider