Post Trade Qualification:
Backflow Revalidation Training Course

CPCPWT4022 – Commission and Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices (Revalidation)


The Backflow Revalidation training course is required for plumbers to maintain the backflow endorsement on their Queensland plumbers licence.

It specifies the knowledge and skills requires to test, commission and maintain backflow prevention devices.


Entry Requirements

Participants in the Backflow Revalidation training course need to hold a provisional plumber’s licence and hold a current backflow prevention endorsement, or have previously held an endorsement and the expiry date listed on the endorsement is within 12 months of when the revalidation training is completed.

NOTE – the backflow endorsement is required to be revalidated every 5 years in QLD.


Please note, prior to enrolling into Post Trade Courses, it is expected of you to already have access to current Australian Standards applicable to the relevant field of operation.

For your convenience, the College provides relevant Standards while you are attending any Workshops. These Standards must remain on the College premises.

Standards required for the Backflow Revalidation training course are:

  • AS3500.0:2003
  • AS3500.1:2015
  • AS3500.4:2015
  • AS2845.0:2010
  • The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
  • Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003
  • Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 • National Construction Code Volume 3 2016

For more information on Australian Standards, please go to:

Face to Face Learning

On Campus learning allows you to learn in a traditional classroom environment. This form of learning gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off your facilitator and others within your learning group.

Resources required

Personal protective equipment:

  • long sleeve cotton drill shirts and long cotton drill pants, or overalls (no nylon)
  • protective footwear steel capped (AS/NZ 2210)
  • clear safety glasses or clip-ons, if prescription glasses are normally worn (AS/NZ 1336 or 1337)
  • ear protection – ear muffs or plugs (AS/NZ 1269 or 1270)
  • hair protection – peak cap with a snood capable of fully containing the person’s hair.

Students failing to meet these minimum standards of dress will not be permitted entry into practical classes.


Unit Offered

CPCPWT4022 Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices (Revalidation)


You will be required to complete written and practical assessment. To be deemed competent in the practical assessment you are required to test and commission the following:

  • Two different double check valves
  • One single (testable) check valve
  • Two different registered air gaps or registered break tanks (including two different orifice sizes and inlet pressures)
  • Two different types of pressure type vacuum breakers
  • Two different reduced pressure zone devices, indicating the ongoing maintenance requirements for each of them.
  • From this list of devices you will be required to maintain and repair at least two faulty devices and retest to ensure operational functionality.

You will be required to complete a JSA before commencing the practical task and identify the tools required to complete the task along with completing a form 9 for each device tested.


On successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify sources and gather information relevant to testing, commissioning and maintenance of backflow prevention devices.
  • Apply safety and quality assurance requirements and demonstrate effective work methods relevant to testing, commissioning and maintenance of backflow prevention devices.
  • Test, commission and maintain high, medium and low hazard backflow prevention devices in water services.
  • Identify and complete all relevant documentation relevant to testing, commissioning and maintenance of backflow prevention devices.

Further, you will receive a Statement of Attainment in Commission & Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Devices, recognised by the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board.


      • This Program can be funded through the Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Short Courses Building and Apprentice Advance. Funding will only be available to participants who meet eligibility criteria. Funding is available between 1 October 2021 until 30 September 2022.

CSQ Funding:

CPCPWT4022 Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices (Revalidation)
• Short Courses Building $208
• Apprentice Advance —the funding amount is calculated at 25% on top of base price.

For eligibility criteria, please visit


Enrol now by contacting us on 1300 222 727 or email to


PICAC Beenleigh
6 Quindus Street
Beenleigh QLD 4207


Day Course: 1.5 Days
Time: Day 1 – 7:00am to 3:00pm
Day 2 – 7:00am to 12:00pm


Full fee: $330

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The Backflow Prevention Association Of Australia

The Backflow Prevention Association Of Australia Inc. is a professional body specifically dedicated to backflow prevention.

We are a volunteer organisation with members from all aspects of the plumbing and water supply industry. Our executive committees comprise people from Regulatory Bodies, Licensed Backflow Testers, Suppliers, Plumbing Teachers and Hydraulic Designers.

Our focus is on the protection of the drinking water through education and development of backflow strategy within the plumbing industry and providing information and communication to the community at large.

Membership of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. offers you a range of benefits and access to leading edge information on changes in the backflow industry.

Members receive the following benefits:

  • Industry representation to Government authorities
  • Input to Australian Standards
  • Access to like minded professionals
  • Regular meetings and conferences to discuss backflow issues
  • Links to suppliers from our website
  • Newsletter
  • Invitations to workshops and seminars
  • Notification of new products
  • Listing on our website

For more information, please contact us at or go to the web site

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